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My husband and I were happy to find out about the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation and all that it does for preschool children of Saskatoon and surrounding area.  Each year we look for a non-profit organization to donate to in memory of our daughter Alexandra Hamilton Erickson.  Alexandra was born still on February 19, 2013.

This year in February, 2016 she would have been 3.  It seems very fitting for us to help out the preschool foundation, since it benefits children ages 3 and 4.  Knowing that our gift would help another child in such a big way is comforting to us.

Alexandra was our 1st born.  I was 36 weeks pregnant when we lost her.  The pregnancy was going along well.  The baby was healthy and there were no concerns.  In the end, there was no explanation for the death of our baby.  Just one day, she stopped moving.  The doctor informed us after a thorough ultrasound, that there was no heartbeat.

My husband and I had experience infertility for several years prior to having this surprise pregnancy and what some had termed a “miracle pregnancy”.  The lost of our baby was very devastating to our family and friends.

We have done and continued to do our best to grieve through this loss.  Partly with the goal of being the best parents we could be to our future child, who we hoped to adopt, having been on the waiting list before the pregnancy.  Our family has grown since 2013, we are happy to say!  After 9 years of marriage, we were able to celebrate our growing family.

Donating to an organization like the Preschool Foundation is one of the ways that we annually celebrate the short life of Alex did have and the positive ways she has impacted other lives.

We strongly believe in the value of children and that they all deserve a good start in life!  Even though our story is heart wrenching for some to hear, it is real.  Stillbirth happens unfortunately and our story can come as a reminder to keep on going when parenting feels difficult and challenging.  As well, we hope our story encourages others to value little ones.

We know our donation is going to a good cause and that there are enormous benefits to children attending preschool that can set them up for life.  It gives us comfort that our reason for donating is know.

Thanks for the important service you offer.


Parents of Alexandra Hamilton Erickson