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Preschool Tuition Subsidy

The Preschool Tuition Subsidy Program is meant to address the needs of preschool children where tuition is a barrier to attendance.  The Board invites applications from individual families requiring assistance with the monthly preschool tuition in established preschools.  While the Foundation has limited funds for this purpose, applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis.  We encourage families requiring assistance to apply at any time.


Preschool Tuition Subsidy Policy

In accordance with its vision and mission, the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation will allocate funds within its annual budget to provide subsidies for a portion of the preschool tuition for children enrolled or wishing to enroll in an eligible preschool program, where the payment of tuition presents a financial hardship.



  • A child who attains age 3 or 4 years of age by January 31 of the academic year in which the child is to be enrolled; and,

  • Who is enrolled or wishing to enroll in an incorporated preschool operating in a public facility.



  • A subsidy will normally be considered for an academic year, or a portion of an academic year

  • Once approved the subsidy will be paid directly to the preschool in which the child in enrolled

  • The maximum subsidy is $800 per child per academic year

  • Subsidies will be granted from the date the application is received by the Foundation

  • No subsidy is provided for the month of September



  • Application to the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation will be made by the parent or legal guardian of the child enrolled or wishing to enroll in an eligible preschool.


How You Can Help


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My husband and I were happy to find out about the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation and all that it does for preschool children of Saskatoon and surrounding area.  Each year we look for a non-profit organization to donate to in memory of our daughter Alexandra Hamilton Erickson.  Alexandra was born still on February 19...Read More

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