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Meet our Partners*:

The Saskatoon Preschool Teachers Group (SPTG) is a group of preschool teachers in the Saskatoon and surrounding area who connect with each other on a regular basis.  The group began in the 1980s!  Members come and go but the group remains active with old and new members focusing on issues regarding best practices in early childhood learning and preschool administration.  Preschool teachers are our best advocates regarding the preschool tuition subsidies.  Contact Brenda Knisley, brendaknisley@sasktel.net or 306-220-0275 if you’re interested in joining this group.  Read more……

The Saskatoon Public Library promotes early learning through its extensive collection and programs and posts information about the preschool tuition subsidy throughout the year in all of its branches.

The Preschool Information and Service Registry (PIRS) is led by Christine Sutton, a longtime advocate for early learning.  Each year the PIRS Conference attracts preschool teachers and daycare workers from across the province.  The conference provides keynote speakers and breakout sessions that cover topics of interest to anyone working with young children and promotes the work of the SPF in providing tuition subsidies.


*The Saskatoon Preschool Foundation is working toward creating a network of partnerships with businesses, agencies, and organizations.  The main function of the partnership is for each partner to promote the programs and services of the other.  For the SPF partners, the focus is on the availability of preschool tuition subsidies.  For information about a specific partnership listed above or interest in partnering with the SPF, please contact us at spf@spsd.sk.ca .

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Parents and preschool teachers have shared many insights into the benefits of preschool …

 One of the parents whose child received a subsidy said that he had seen his child become more creative, using innovative ideas to try different activities at home during the year she was in preschool....Read More