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In the early 1990s, teachers noticed that children in poverty entered kindergarten or grade one lacking many social, language, and learning skills.  Sometimes their education opportunities were minimal, their health jeopardized, and their self esteem low.  As a result, these students were behind before they even got started.

In 1991, four fully-funded preschools were formed at King George, Pleasant Hill, Princess Alexandra, and Westmount Community Schools.  Funding came from the province, service clubs, professional associations, churches, and individuals.  Currently, the Ministry of Education funds 35 prekindergarten programs in Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

The Saskatoon Inner City Preschool Foundation was created in 1994.  In 1998 the name was changed to the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation as it became evident that there were families in all parts of our city having difficulty accessing preschool education for their children due to financial constraints.

Although not involved in their operations, the Foundation works in cooperation with approximately 115 preschool-type organizations in Saskatoon and area.

Why do we think preschool is important?

Good preschool programs promote learning and development by providing a wide variety of opportunities for children to…

  • take part in hands-on experiences

  • work together and learn respect for one another

  • develop their gross and fine motor skills through play

  • improve language skills by listening to and speaking with other children and adults


How You Can Help


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My husband and I were happy to find out about the Saskatoon Preschool Foundation and all that it does for preschool children of Saskatoon and surrounding area.  Each year we look for a non-profit organization to donate to in memory of our daughter Alexandra Hamilton Erickson.  Alexandra was born still on February 19...Read More

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