02 Feb
2022 Annual Spring Raffle
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Annual Spring Raffle - March 2022
This year, the SPF will again host the Annual Spring Raffle.  This is a great opportunity for preschools to raise money for their preschool and support SPF tuition subsidies at the same time. 

The SPF provides prizes for the raffle and distributes tickets to preschools ($2/ticket - 10 tickets to a ticket book).  Preschools can request any number of tickets, in line with the number they believe they will sell (a number of preschools ask each family to sell one book). Tickets are sold and funds and unsold tickets are returned to the SPF.  After the draw, preschools receive cheques from the SPF for half of the amount of their ticket sales.  

The preschool with the highest ticket sales win the classroom incentive prize.

There is no cost for preschools to participate in the raffle. The SPF gathers prizes, obtains a SLGA license and prints/distributes the tickets.  There is a wide range of prizes for all ages, groups and interests. 

The Saskatoon Preschool Foundation prepares and proposes this annual raffle campaign in the spring as an opportunity to collaborate with preschools in fundraising.  All preschools in the Saskatoon and surrounding area are invited and encouraged to participate. It is through fundraising activities such as this that we are able to ensure that no eligible application is rejected.

Preschools are asked to call 306-250-0533 or email saskatoonpreschoolfoundation@spf.sk.ca  to request tickets to join in on the raffle. 

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