28 Jun
2020/2021 Raffle Winners
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Thanks to everyone who participated in our extended 2020/2021 Annual Spring Raffle. We had our share of challenges last year and this year due to the Covid pandemic and would like to thank you all for your patience.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Prize 1 - Beyblade Stadium - Jason Autoski
Prize 2 - Tennis Racquet/balls - Karen Psotka
Prize 3 - Karaoke Singer - Zachary Petten
Prize 4 - Snowslider/helmet - Cheryl Crashley
Prize 5 - CoffeeMaker - Wandra Laughren
Prize 6 - Shark Steamer - Karen Sperling
Prize7 - Spinner Suitcase - David Balagosa
Prize 8 - Instant Pot - Markus Brinkham
Prize 9 - Skating Package/skates - Renee Parsons
Prize10 - Stanley Tool Set - Jen Davidson

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