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05 Mar
2019 Annual Spring Raffle
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Our Annual Spring Raffle is underway!

Annual Spring Raffle - How it works….

The top preschool with the most ticket sales win the classroom incentive prizes of a gift certificate for Wintergreen Learning Materials. 

The proceeds are shared 50/50 with the SPF and the participating preschool.  The SPF uses its proceeds from the ticket sales to subsidize tuition for children from families who need financial help.  In 2018, the SPF granted over $82,000 in tuition subsidies to preschools in Saskatoon and we are getting more and more requests each year. 

There is no cost for any preschool to participate in the raffle. The SPF gathers prizes, obtains a SLGA license and looks after the printing and distribution of the tickets.  Participating preschools sell tickets and return monies and unsold tickets. Tickets are $2 and there are 10 tickets in a booklet.  Preschools can request their desired number of booklets.  There is a wide range of prizes for all ages, groups and interests. 

The Saskatoon Preschool Foundation prepares and proposes this annual raffle campaign in the spring as an opportunity for it and preschools to cooperate in a mutually beneficial fundraiser. All preschools in the Saskatoon and surrounding area are invited and encouraged to participate. 

Preschools are asked to call 306-250-0533 or email spf@spsd.sk.ca the SPF to request their tickets to join in on the raffle. 

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